Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Aashayein is a piece of shit!

Aashayein, directed by Nagesh Kukunoor, is one of the worst movies of all time which fails to make a point. Nagesh has held the name of delivering movies which maybe off-beat but are generally pretty good stroylines. Aashayein fails in all aspects of movie making almost, except music probably. The movie had no buyers for almost 2 years and it would have been better if it never released. I would rarely say that for a movie after all the effort that goes into movie-making but Aashayein doesnt leave me with a choice.

The storyline of Aashayein fails to make a point at all instances. The story of a dying man who wants to live his last days well is cliched and the treatment is worse. The story tries to pull of some supernatural stuff also along with a mini-Indiana Jones story. Its a schizophrenic script which doesnt hold your attention even once. John Abraham is not so convincing as the dying man and he the script fails him at more instances than he fails as an actor. All the other actors are not even worth-mentioning. Cinematography is average. Music of the movie is the only respite in this barren land. Salim-Sulaiman deliver a score which works well with the audiences of today and many songs have already become chartbusters. Director Nagesh Kukunoor gives his worst product till date in this movie. The story does not even reach a proper culmination and the viewer is left puzzled.

Strictly not recommended!

Rating - 1/5

Sud :)

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