Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We Are Family is a good film, but not for everyone!

The Indian Film Industry has held a tradition of taking scripts of obscure and not so obscure Hollywood movies and plagiarizing them illegally and making a hindi movie out of it and you realize this only when you actually see the movie. In this light, the 'official' Stepmom remake comes as a breather where the original rights were bought and the original screenplay re-worked to suit indian audiences. So the question is, does it live upto the Julia Roberts-Susan Sarandon starrer classic? Well, for me personally, it does and it also fares better. The last 10 minutes of We Are Family and the re-structured climax scores well above Stepmom.

We Are Family is not an average fare for many reasons. Dharma Productions has taken a bold step with this project. Long years ago, Dharma moved away from making family sob sagas to more entertaining and more realistic cinema with the likes of Dostana, Wake Up Sid and My Name is Khan coming in. Its been a while for the Indian Film Industry since it gave an outright family saga which gets you to shed more tears than you want to. I believe this is because Indian audiences have grown out of it and the youth today doesnt really wanna see a family drama or sit in a theatre to cry. Even if the movie is astoundingly well=made, they will fail to appreciate cinema and just pass a judgement on the movie sitting on the fence. In such a scenario, film-makers are scared to come up with something that strong on emotions. Comedy and cheap laughs, nice-looking locations and better looking actors have substituted everything else. People would love a brainless Wanted but not love a We Are Family which has its heart at the right place. This is what makes me say that We Are Family is NOT for everyone. Kudos to Dharma, KJO and Siddharth Malhotra for attempting it.

We Are Family stays very true to its orginal screenplay of Stepmom, but also adds an Indian Tadka to it. This Indian tadka gives it a few points above Stepmom. On the downside, the movie gets too dramatic at times but these are minor glitches. The music score is not upto the mark except for Reham-o-Karam which is a brilliant song. The cinematography is good, but could have been better considering they were shooting in Australia. Kajol is the hero of We Are Family. She has nothing left to prove as an actor but she still outdoes her past performances and brings life to Maya, more than anyone could do. Kareena Kapoor gets kinda over-shadowed by the mammoth performance of Kajol and she fails to re-live Julia Roberts completely. Arjun Rampal is good in a role strictly defined for him. The three kids are the best part of the movie specially Anjali and Aaliya. Anjali is a sweetheart and brilliant actor. Aaliya displays her emotions well.

Director Siddharth Malhotra picked up a difficult debut but does well to pack in the lighter moments with the heavier ones. The climax portions are brilliantly handled by him. KJo deserves a clap for making this happen. We Are Family is definitely better than most movies we see today. Its emotional, not depressing. Its heartful, not melodramatic. I think you should go for it for a change from routine cinema today. There has not been a movie that made me cry ever since Taare Zameen Par, and this one just did it for me. Haha, I may sound as if its a good thing to cry in movies, but truly, We Are Family will win the hearts of all families across India and abroad, not sure about the youth though.

Rating - 3/5

Sud :)

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