Thursday, December 16, 2010

Band Baaja Baraat is a revelation, dont miss it!!

Band Baaja Baraat is an unusual movie. Its fresh, its raw and its a revelation in every sense. You would not expect this offering from Yash Raj Films to strike a chord but it does and goes beyond it too. BBB is a charming entertainer which will win your heart with its uncouth appeal, the legit desi-ness and the simple relatibility factor from each one of your's daily lives. It works phenomenally and makes you want to see more of the lead pair, specially the guy. Maneesh Sharma deserves all the accolades to deliver BBB as a debutante. I really appreciate the efforts that all these new directors put into movie-making and actually thinking something different.

Band Baaja Baaraat benefits enormously from its two core strengths - sharp writing, and shooting on location. Both, in fact, give the film and its characters a real, believable feel. Bittoo's strong accent, the way he says 'binness' instead of business, the pair's aspirations to graduate to planning fancy Sainik Farms weddings, and the clever dialogue by Habib Faisal are the kind of little touches that make all the difference in this film. The writing is taut and honest. Sharma keeps the ongoings extremely enjoyable for the whole of 2 hours pretty much. He relies on characters' irrationality, immaturity and innocence a lot for this and it works perfectly for him. The plot is new, the treatment is fresh, the situations are absorbing and the characters do not become caricatures. Sharma dishes out the Delhi flavor efficiently and this ones gonna work wonders for Delhites. There are many notable sequences actually. Bittoo's character is so well-written that it overshadows everything else. The successes of the lead pair in the business and the means they get them, the fights between them and how they talk about it, the ego issues, the reconciliation as well as the finale all rest heavily on Bittoo's character and this is what makes each of these sequences lovable. Any minuses? Yes, the film might get irritating for many audiences in the second half due to the sheer immaturity of the characters or their ego clashes. The music may not be a hit in the market.

There is this AIR OF NEGATIVITY going around about Yash Raj Films that they are dishing out good stuff lately, which might try to pull the movie down too. Honestly, they have stopped giving good movies one after the other but thats because they are producing a lot more movies each year. Looking back at the ongoing year, I strongly feel Badmaash Company was a highly under-rated good movie and Lafangey Parindey was better than average for sure. BBB is definitely their best offering of the year and it should get all the credit and collections it deserves. This one works because it's invested with an earnestness that's become increasingly rare to find at the movies.Its a romantic comedy which gets it right.

The biggest reason why I loved BBB was Ranveer Singh. That guy is a genius. Confident, uninhibited, spontaneous, charming and in true sense, the LIFELINE of BBB. Ranveer shows a rare understanding and catched you unaware in the emotional moments with his simplicity. He plays Bittoo with the utmost aplomb required and it is difficult to imagine any settled actor do this part. Ranveer has the potential to a very recognized actor, because he is immensely talented. Anushka is always wonderful, she rejuvenates herself with each movie and you dont feel that you ever saw her before. She adds a new-ness to each character she plays and in this one, she goes one step forward to deliver a difficult role in the best possible way. Their chemistry works amazingly well in the smallest of scenes and is the real spark of BBB. The supporting cast includes all unknown names but they all deliver their best for BBB. Sharma's direction and dialogues catch you by surprise and are totally appealing. The locales are true to Delhi and its feel and are shot well. The music could have been a tad bit better, or maybe it could have been publicized better.

BBB will have to rely on a lot of word of mouth due to its low publicity and the air around Yash Raj Films, both of which are unfortunate. This one is fresh baked straight out of the oven. Its honest, its lovable and its highly recommended

Rating - 4/5

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