Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Golmaal 3 fails to make you laugh even once

The Golmaal Series is back, with their third venture of the series with the whole team of Rohit Shetty. Golmaal Returns did not live upto the name of Golmaal at most levels. Does Golmaal 3 bring back the magic of the first outing? Sadly, it does NOT. Infact, it falls below the standards of Golmaaal Returns. It fails miserably on each and every cinematic aspect and does not initiate even one laugh from the viewer.

The basic problem of the movie lies in its scripting. Well into the second half of Golmaal 3, there’s a scene in which two sets of step-brothers sitting across from each other, play a game of miming what they’d like to shove into each others’ backsides. From candles and fruits to big lamps and potted plants, this gag goes on for a few minutes, just long enough to amuse you. It’s the funniest scene in the film, because nobody says a word throughout, and because the expressions of the actors are priceless as they react to the pain that must come from being sodomized by foreign objects. Following a pattern set by Golmaal Returns, this film is not so much about story or plot as it is about stretching a joke till breaking point. The whole cast spend their greater part of this film contorting their faces and delivering silly lines. The humor is strictly low-brow and slapstick, with repeated jokes about disability and speech impediments, and a running gags.

All actors are below-par except for Mithun and Tusshar. They manage to generate some laughs with their spoof acts. Music is way below average and so is every other technical aspect of the film. Rohit Shetty really needs to come up with brighter ideas and better humour if he intends to come up another movie for the series. This is not even roadside comedy. He cannot pass off scot-free year after year with this kind of shit.


Rating - 0.5/5

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