Thursday, December 16, 2010

No Problem is barely funny

To be fair, Anees Bazmee's movies have always pulled money at the Box-Office no matter how bizarre or unbelievable or senseless their plotline is. Personally, I have enjoyed his comic capers as they come in as a breather amongst all the thoughtful cinema which could get to a point where you cannot take anymore. For once, you wanna sit back, leave your brains at home and laugh for 2 hours at a madcap comedy and I am sure a majority of Indian audience prefers that too. A lot of critics totally trash any madcap comedy that is served out to them but they have a strictly one-dimensional view of Indian Cinema where they only enjoy something that is outrightly intelligent or smart, in short, a little offbeat cinema or a mainstream entertainer like 3 Idiots which is more complete in most ways than other movies that come out. I would want to see a No Entry or a Welcome or a Housefull once in a while to feel happy and laugh without having to apply my brains. The problem with Bazmee's latest offering is that it does not even manage to do that, it is barely funny and fails miserably in front of its counterparts mentioned before.

The most difficult thing is to make people roll with laughter and that's precisely what Bazmee does in film after film, for viewers of all ages. Follow these three mantras religiously, while watching an Anees Bazmee film: Don't seek logic, don't ask questions and just keep your thinking cap outside the theatre. You need to follow these rules while watching NO PROBLEM as well. Unfortunately, Bazmee's latest outing is so mind-numbingly dull that you wonder how could he come up with such a soulless and charmless film. Most of his films are low on content, but they are packed with those genuinely funny moments. No Problem lacks that. The humor is very repetitive and forced, its like cracking the same jokes again and again. There are barely a few funny moments. In one particularly tasteless scene in director Anees Bazmee's 'No Problem', Akshaye Khanna dressed in drag, is mistaken for a prostitute and picked off the street by Anil Kapoor, who brings him home and begins to grope him on the bed. It's after Anil has practically climbed on top of him, that Akshaye tells him he has AIDS, a trick that makes Anil back off right away. In another scene, Paresh Rawal spots Akshaye Khanna with black paint smeared all over his face, prompting him to make a loud declaration that he hates blacks. This incident takes place at a crowded beach in Durban where most of the film is set, and where Paresh's character is promptly beaten up by the African locals who are understandably offended. One outraged woman even says: "Obama is the President of America, and you still hate blacks?" There are barely few moments that actually make you laugh, and none that make you go ballistic with laughter.

No Problem fails to entertain and the contorted faces dont evoke a smile in the second half. The gags and the plot fall flat after a point and you want the movie to end. Bazmee does not get it right with this one, he is missing the core funny moments, the outrageously funny characters, the exaggerated plot that he used to have in his previous movies. Anil Kapoor tries hard to save his home production but Shakti Kapoor and him are the only relief in this venture. They are genuinely funny in most scenes. Sanjay and Akshaye are out of place. Paresh's role is under-written. Sushmita Sen is TOTALLY wasted in a useless role. Kangana looks plastic. Suniel Shetty is miscast as the don, he doesnt look funny or even a don. All other side characters are hardly funny. Music, Cinematography and dialogues are all average.

The actors would have tried hard to push their comic limits but the writing does not allow them to. The one-liners are missing and so is the madness. The direction is indifferent. The writing is inefficient. Despite a few funny moments, No Problem is not a madcap and it kinda disappoints me personally!

Rating - 1/5

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