Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chaalis Chauraasi is backed only by its brilliant performances

Chaalis Chauraasi or 4084 as its titled stars Naseeruddin Shah, Kay Kay Menon, Atul Kulkarni and Ravi Kissen in its lead roles and manages to establish the strength of these actors, all over again in a film that well manages to be a good one time watch. Its obvious the film was not marketed well, as opposed to all the big budget films and the way they are marketed nowadays. Films like 4084 are classified as low budget/second line films that are not expected to run at the Box Office. But alas, little do the money-minded studios know that this film provides a refreshingly good flavor of comedy and is backed by stellar performances, if only the scripting was more cohesive. it also proves my point right that you dont need to make dark films with shock value to create something different. 4084 is different, yet entertaining.

 The ultimate heist that can win you more money than you ever had. A used concept, many a times. So no brownie points for that. Hriday Shetty, the director, creates a difference in the way he executes the concept with his comic flavor. One only wishes that the he could have gone ahead with much more bound script. The screenplay is flawed, it takes too much time in the first half to establish its characters or to come to the point that they need to make. Definitely could have done without that. The music numbers only add to the crap quoteint. Second half is like a prolonged climax, with the actual climax the highpoint of the film cuz it had me in splits. Editing the first half and adding a more author backed character sketch would have worked wonders for this film. Direction is ordinary, with a tadka of strange comedy.

 4084 is a classic example of an average film pulled up by its competent actors. The four stalwarts casted here make their characters believable with such ease and display superb comic timing. The best part is they dont try to compete against each other else it would be messy. They are happy in their space and are literally the heartbeat of a film that does a lot of things to screw itself up. Atul Agnihotri is the star of the show for me followed by others. The guy is simply brilliant. Rajesh Sharma is getting typecast as the cop. Music is ordinary and so are all the other technical aspects.

 I would still suggest you to watch 4084 over any film that has released this year. Its not attention grabbing but its a little film with a hilarious climax on a lazy weekend with bad releases. Watch it once!

 Rating - 2.5/5

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