Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ek Tha Tiger is a not-so-annoying Salman Khan film

Now, Ek Tha Tiger is a phenomenon that has impressively eluded not a single soul that follows Indian cinema across the globe. Nothing that I say here would in any way affect the mammoth, historic, unprecedented opening of the keenly-anticipated film today and rightly so. Salman Khan's increasingly assured success at the Box Office doesnt seem to wheeze under the weight of its own winking. Wanted, Dabangg, Ready, Bodyguard and now Ek Tha Tiger. Pretty much everyone I know around the world seem to be extraneously pumped about watching ETT despite no breakneck marketing or a shy outcome of the music album. Produced by Yash Raj Films, effectually a ploy to cash in on Salman's pinnacle of stardom, looked strikingly different from its quaint predecessors of Salman films right from the first trailer. Kabir Khan, the director, has not been a completely shabby director either. The startling truth of the day is that Ek Tha Tiger is unlike any of Salman's recent movies. At the end of the 2 hours 10 minutes run time, all I can say is that there is good news and bad news. Dabangg reeked of guilty pleasure, Bodyguard was an incomprehensible mess while Ready had me either swanning or looking for the exit sign. Ek Tha Tiger doesnt fit into any of these kinds.

Ek Tha Tiger, wri
tten jointly by Kabir Khan and Neelesh Mishra, is not cumbersome bhai porn, which is the only genre one can define recent Salman films by. Infact, trigger happy loons or as they call them Salman fans may might as well be disappointed as most of the ingredients of bhai-isms are missing in ETT such as cringe-worthy one-liners, eyeroll inducing humor/action and a striking lack of a plot. Salman dares to try something different but the sad part is that Kabir Khan serves up a gimmicky simplistic plot that coyly offers much less than you are ready to savor. ETT dispenses with the indulgences of the bigger-than-screen imagery of its lead star and builds up a well-known yet interesting premise of espionage amongst Indian and Pakistani secret agencies. Formidably enough, ETT has a riveting pace, laced and decorated with frothy humor, warm-ish love story and lavish action sequences. There is good news for the ones who are queasy of the stomach and impatient of the bladder, because ETT never gets pesky and is thoroughly enjoyable as long as it lasts. The buffet of action in ETT provides enough visceral thrills, the sequences are strikingly guttural, vitally power-packed and organically innovative, even when they transcend belief more often than not, but when did that not happen in action movies?

The pro
blem with Ek Tha Tiger is that when it lets go of the bovine rigmarole of Salman films, it does not offer more than a whiff of a plot instead. Kabir Khan has always struggled to depict the truth he sets out to portray in his previous screenplays, and the insipid problem persists with this one too. Adhering to his perceptible fancy of political-terrorism related concepts, he conveniently weaves a love story around Indo-Pak rivalry, only to shortchange another peace message. The plot is wafer-thin, and even with its inherent awry nature, fails to hold up the expanse of the film, mostly because the twists and turns being predictable at some times, and irrelevant at other times not really affecting the inevitable conclusion. The love story may be engaging enough to justify the fight for love but it ends up portraying international secret agents like foolish goons. Owing to its scrawny screenplay, the film constantly looks very similar to a oversimplified version of many other movies (like Agent Vinod recently) where in Kabir Khan wraps the doubts around a gun and punches the trigger continually with his ebullient action sets. Ek Tha Tiger, tries to break the shambles of Salman world, but falls way too short due to lack of innovation and heft in the meat of its narrative. Yet, it is visually rich, meekly energetic and constantly engaging.

Yash Raj F
ilms signed on Salman Khan for the first time in his career spanning over more than 20 years and everything for this launch has been made to order. Music by Sohail Sen cripples your ears predominantly as none of the songs reach the average mark. Mashallah, composed by guest composers (read hooked up by Salman) Sajid-Wajid is the only likable song. Production Design in different countries is manipulatively typical, but captures the essence of the destinations well, aided by Aseem Mishra's cinematography. Mishra captures most of the film with a deft hand, from the racy fight sequences to the gregarious scenery. Editing by Rameshwar S. Bhagat is appreciable for most parts. Being a Yash Raj production, ETT has been generously supported by a highly efficient production team and the effort shows up in all departments, specially the performance of stunts.

Salman Kh
an is sporadically found acting for his part in Ek Tha Tiger, which is a magnanimous improvement from sleepwalking. Its evident that he finds the action scenes much more palpable than any other kinds as he struggles to emote a nifty lover, madly lost in the world of his lady love, ready to take on the world for her. Despite his brawn and the inimitably sunny charisma while duking scores of people around him, one does miss the convincing lover in him. Katrina Kaif gets to do much more than being the eye candy. Kaif is perennially confident as Zoya strives to find a good character arc, apart from the cheer-inducing action that she does in the film. Ranvir Shorey and Girish Karnad do not get much scope to perform despite being acclaimed actors.

Ek Tha Tige
r is a much better fare than any of recent Salman films, but is also far from being a great film. The film tries to provide masala entertainment, but forbids any novice content. I find myself maniacally befuddled as I end this analysis here. The film may not careen the regular bhaitards as it avoids planting indulgent invincible nuances of Salman, the star. At the same time, the film may be refreshingly accepted by the ones who hated Bodyguard or Ready. Avowedly, it will cross the Rs 100Cr mark, considering the massive opening, but its the figure of its lifetime run that I would not lay a bet on, as it staggers to appease a larger crowd than just Salman fans. As a movie, the film may be a big step for Salman but leaves a lot to desire. Watch it eitherway, because you cant skip and hope to reduce its collections!

ting - 2.5/5

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