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Jism 2 is a cringe-worthy, ham and sleaze fest

Pooja Bhatt's Jism 2, branded to be an erotic thriller, is the launchpad of porn diva Sunny Leone in Bollywood, after her stint in the reality television show Bigg Boss last year. The Bhatts dont transcendentally believe in heresy when it comes to the basic crux of the plot, they just smartly vary it a little bit here and there, as discussed earlier in another review here. After a decently gritty Murder 2, the Bhatts havent given a decent film in the last one year, considering they shell out 3-4 movies each year. Jism 2 is not produced by Mahesh Bhatt's Vishesh Films but is written by him and produced and directed by his daughter Pooja, who has been a pain-inducing director in her previous ventures. Yet, the very debut of Sunny Leone had hauled the eyeballs of every possible Indian, the ones who have have been participated in her desolate fantasies and the ones who havent. The songs were heady and hummable, something that has become symptomatic to Bhatt films. 

Cut To

Thirty minutes into Jism 2, I found myself considering leaving the film halfway. When I pride myself to be able to sit through any movie, I was getting unusually irascible at the pigslop assemblage that was being served to me. Jism 2 is an unintentionally ludicrous ham and sleaze (read cheese) fest that is burlesque towards your own sensibilities. The wafer-thin plot, cornball dialogues and clumsy direction leave Jism 2 to be nothing more than amateur work. Sunny Leone's big bosom try hard to revoke this soggy affair, which finds itself drowning without much a ruffle. Jism 2, written by Mahesh Bhatt, himself is an exercise in pointlessness when it comes to the plot. Something that could be solved in a screen time of 5 minutes, is contrived to be a dragged tale that snickers at your very brains. If that can be disregarded, Pooja's direction forces me to believe that I can be less clunky. To top the heap, dialogues by Shagufta Rafique make you ditsy if this was actually a thriller or a laughathon. Here are some samples -

Corny dialogue # 1: "Apne dil ki shikayat khoon se kardi, bas ek shikayat hai ki kaash mere khoon ka rang mere ishq ki tarah gehra hota."
English translation: I complained about my heart with my blood. I still have one complaint: the colour of my blood should have been darker than my love.

rny dialogue # 2: "Hum dono ek doosre se jhooth bol sakte hain par iss jism ka kya karen?
English translation: Wecan lie to each other but what should we do about our bodies?

Corny dialogue # 3: "Jo aadmi apne mulk se wafadari nahi kar saka, usne iske jism se wafadari kardi."
English translation: The guy who could never be loyal to his country became loyal to her body.

Corny dialogue # 4"Aao iss lamhe ko jee lete hain. Amar kar dete hain."
English translation: Come let us live this moment (of orgasm). Let us make it eternal!

The films follows a beaten to death track of planting an ex-girlfriend in the proximity of a craggy criminal by a dumb intelligence agency that can never break into his house and lynch his balls. While the first Jism was a respectable adult thriller, this one reeks of pneumatic talks where in even the erotica does nothing more to your libido than the promos have done. The film fails to explore the lustful relationships based on an interesting idea of a plot due to its despicable writing. All this, and the barrage of pepper-spray worthy philosophy that is spitted out at you leaves you completely benumbed because it is seeded in callous direction skills.Sigh!

The shining spots, if any? The second half is a little more bearable than the first one, that is if you choose to stay back after the interval, you will witness nothing more than 2-3 racy portions and some candor in an otherwise not-so-daring film. Randeep Hooda's portrayal of the mildly schizophrenic assassin saves some shame for Jism 2, even when he is saddled by the worst of lines and an unclear character curve. The Production Design by Pooja Bhatt is easy on your senses trying its best to engross you into the sweepingly serene outer world of the characters, without getting into the locales of Sri Lanka much. The music of the film provides a pack of virtuously composed melodies that are affably alluring and are definitely the USP. A combination of four music directors - Arko Pravo Mukherjee, Mithoon, Rushk and Abdul Baasith Saaed - has doled out a wide cauldron of tunes that will stay with you. Maula, Abhi Abhi and Yeh Jism are definitely the pick of the lot. Cinematography by Bhavya is bosom-friendly as they dare not show more than that in the allegedly adulterated yet socially monitored film that they were trying to make. Editing by Devendra Murdeshwar cannot be blamed in this case because an honest editor would have chopped this film to 15 minutes.

Randeep Hooda is strangled in a distraught film with filmmakers who are more of coots, sadly loaded with the worst of corniest lines, an eccentric character sketch and a bad wardrobe designing. Yet, he tries his best to breathe some sense into your screens before you lose all faith in him. Sunny Leone, for a debutante, is not entirely terrible, but fails to fails to live up to the edgy emotional heft required by the character that would have kept the suspense riveting or made her involvement with both the characters believable. She is more comfortable shedding clothes than permeating rousing emotions or the difference in feelings. Arunoday Singh delivers an outlandishly farcical performance that will crack you up most of the times, barring a couple of instances. I have figured out that the only emotion he can portray well is anger and that of a wood. Arif Zakaria is in all honesty shamefully preposterous and you almost feel like holding him to a garrote every time he comes on screen. Imran Zahid adds to the party of unintentional laughs.

Jism 2 is a sequel made to cash in on the success of Jism, and to absurdly assert to yourself that yes, you have to make a sequel to a film. Though the exploration of erotica and relationships in a crime thriller premise is an interesting idea, it needs much more coherent development than Jism 2 can boast of, even with its poetic approach of sexuality and a ridiculous yet mildly daring climax. It has taken a good opening at the Box Office but I suspect that the final payoff of a sporadic laughathon instead of a thriller will be the word of mouth, reflecting directly in the collections. The hoggers of smuttiness will run out of steam as there is much more to offer at your home on your computers than in Jism 2. I would have given the film half a star less, but the second half salvages it to some extent. Go watch it for Sunny Leone's jism, only because your computers will never have that big a screen!

Rating - 1/5

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