Thursday, November 15, 2012

Son Of Sardaar - A Short Review

Doomed was that moment when I decided to watch Son Of Sardaar today. The movie looked shitty cash cow since the first trailer came out, knowing they had taken S.S.Rajamouli's another Telugu film Maryada Ramanna and remade it in Hindi. The successive promos only had hideous faces of Devgn in a turban, Dutt in a long hairdo and Sonakshi being the dancing mantle piece. SOS looked to be a part of a larger moviemaking scheme where some actors have joined hands secretly, distributed a bunch of South movie rights among themselves and placed their remake releases apart from each other by 3-4 months, so that every once in a while you get to watch this new upcoming genre which is stuffed with garbage. Rowdy Rathore was the last one in this series, and its SOS now, surprisingly thanking Akshay Kumar in its credits. If that is not enough, all the song promos showed strange obsessions with ridiculous moves involving some body part, either the wrist twisting or the mouthwashing. What has this world come to?

To be honest to my work, I dragged myself to the theater. SOS starts abruptly and then breaks into a song after a quote or something. Cool. To my welcome surprise, SOS becomes quite enjoyable suddenly with Devgn at his best comic touch. The first few scenes where he meets Sonakshi and the subsequent ones when they reach their village do provide a bunch of fresh jokes and hearty laughs. But your hope or happiness is bound to be lynched and castrated by the famously shameful director, Ashwani Dhir. As soon as Sanjay Dutt's long locks enter the proceedings of SOS, the film suffers from a paralytic attack comprising of smudge, shlock and the silly. Dutt speaks his lines as short rhymes, Juhi Chawla is almost demented by now because he didnt marry her for 25 years, Devgn loses his clownish romanticism and becomes a scared soul and Sonakshi never does anything anyway. Literally, the best moments of the film, both funny and emotional, come out from the love story of Devgn and Sinha. Halfway through the first half and upto the end is a long dragged drudgery of torture and tranquilizing sequences, most of which fall flat on the ground, making SOS utterly painful during its second half. Writers Robin Bhatt and Dhir have given many such duds, so theyd be at home writing this one. 

Music by Himesh Reshammiya is below average and Rani Main Tu Raja is the only good song, and the title song to an extent. The production values of SOS look pathetic, with a lot of things looking amateurish and half done. A necessary element of all these films is the Rohit Shetty style of action, where you see everything just flying in the air in slow motion for minutes on end. SOS comes up with a bunch of new action sequences which are totally preposterous but had the audience in seetis. Aseem Bajaj's cinematography only alleviates the exaggerations used by Dhir. Devgn tries his best to act but his character limits him after a point. Sonakshi has given up bothering about acting or roles. Juhi Chawla does well but should have downplayed her role a few notches. Sanjay Dutt tells us that he can only do Vastav or Agneepath once in 10 years. When a computer crashes and dies, its screen has more expression than Dutt in any scene. He is beyond pathetic. 

On the whole, SOS is a fairly ludicrous film that gives a fake promise of mass entertainment but leaves you with nothing, not even a capacity to like monkey balls or walk straight. Salman Khan in a special appearance just makes this setup of garbage complete. After reading this review, a lot of people would conclude that I am biased against it, but I challenge you, go watch SOS and let me see you honestly tell me if you liked it. On another note, please dont watch it.

Son Of Sardaar is exactly what you will see in the pot once you have taken a dump.

Rating - 1.5/5

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