Sunday, March 31, 2013

Himmatwala is a huge dump on your intelligence

Remakes are the order of the day in Indian Film Industry today. If you cant remake a recent South Indian film in Hindi, then why not make the film that started that trend in 1983? Guess that was the reasoning enough for Sajid Khan to dole out the crummiest film in many ages that leaves you with the most disgusting aftertaste, induces a brain-curdling effect making you wish you were in coma and assaults your existence to leave you scarred and scared for all your life. From the release of its trailer itself, I knew Himmatwala would be a stunning exercise of atrocious cinema. Every snarky tawdry promo and song was making millions of lives miserable all day everyday and the doomed day finally arrived, Himmatwala, a remake of K Raghavendra Rao's 1983 original hit the screens today.

Sajid Khan's Himmatwala leaves you with a jaw dropping surprise at his sheer audacity as a filmmaker. We always knew he has made brainless masala entertainers that have been unanimously panned by critics but we never knew he has the immaculate power to serve a labored affair that struggles to cater to the whistle blowers too. You could not have a more ghastly experience than having Sonakshi Sinha's forehead open a movie for you as she shimmies on that shameful dance number in the disco, followed by an entry of a street fighter named Zebisco. Coincidence, right?  What follows is a scurrilous array of mindless gags that have the prowess to cause cerebral palsy. Now, some of us would be fine if the film actually took its tagline, 'The 80s are back', even a wee bit seriously. But what Khan does in this louche affair is that he handpicks the worst influences of the 80s and keeps running them until the audience reaches its snapping point. There is absolutely nothing that I can mention here that is not catastrophically awful. The jokes consist of repeated fun on the 1983 era itself with lobotomizing references of Swine Flu and Save The Tiger. There are 5 item girls adding to the profanity, just because less than that was unaffordable. Dialogues like 'Maar de uske bum pe laat jo tujhe darata hai', 'Sarkari aadmi ka naam Vietnam se bhi bada hota hai', 'Sar Pe Panch', 'Ghar ka kaam karne mein sharam kaisi, yeh toh mera farz hai' make the journey all the more insufferable and will surely go down in the history as gems of cinema. A lot of sophistry has gone in the making of this film that results in a continuous hair-pulling exercise. 

The garish production of Himmatwala leaves nothing to like about it either. Ajay Devgn probably had to surrender his acting skills before signing this movie and even his one-liners fall flat this time around. He goes the crude way for this one and looks naturally disgusting effortlessly. Tamannah Bhatia jumps onto Bollywood with this film and is sure to be a part of many labored comedies or actioners with peanut-sized scripts and grain-sized roles for her. Paresh Rawal looks caught in a quagmire of shlock and hams up his act as the advisor of the villain, played by Mahesh Manjrekar, who seems to be unable to make up his mind if he is actually supposed to evoke terror or jest. Adhyayan Suman adds to the pack....wait, who is Adhyayan Suman?

On the whole, Himmatwala is a big dump on your intelligence or even a shred of it. Despite not being an exact copy of the original, this one just sticks to the contrived hammy situations and does not offer even one bit of inspiration. It has taken an average start at the Box Office and one can only see the fatigue of mindless masala films in the audience. I dont expect it to pick up over the next few days. It deserves to sink to deepest unknown reserves of this cinematic ocean where no one ever knows that it released.

Rating - 1/5

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