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Ragini MMS 2 Movie Review : A moronic film sold to the world like gold

Ekta Kapoor’s Ragini MMS 2 is a very smart film. Smart not because it is made like one, but it is sold like one. What does a child do when he has to face his parents after making a mistake at school? He tries to pretend that nothing ever happened and behaves extra sweet to his dad or mom. But Balaji Telefilms/ALT Entertainment completely forgot that the dads may not always be that na├»ve. And I am the worst dad possible, the one who calls up the teacher every day to check up what the kid did in school. So yes, the two promotional songs became a raging success and I was promised double the fun of the first film, hereby accepting that I did like the first film in parts. But hey, this one is a bunch of junk, and even showing Sunny Leone’s junk cannot redeem it.

Ragini MMS 2 is the story of a filmmaker who wants to make a film on the Ragini MMS scandal controversy and casts Sunny Leone (yes, that’s her name in the film) to play the part of Ragini. Sunny, unlike in her real life, goes to ‘research’ about her character by meeting the actual Ragini, the protagonist of the first film. Apparently, the witch who killed Ragini’s boyfriend has now possessed her for long, but doesn’t take a long time to leave her and leap on to Sunny. But then I don’t blame her, because that is what all of India wants to do when they see Sunny. Tracking this hair-brained plot with us is a moronic Dr Dutta (Divya Dutta), whose specializations in the medical field are kept hidden from us even after the films ends. For a psychologist or something, she does make a huge move when she starts chanting mantras in the end. And oh the end, even the cleaner in my theatre knew that the climax is lifted from none other than the most famous horror flick of the last year, The Conjuring. Come on, why kill a non-existent genre in Indian cinema?

But there is a host of ludicrous stuff which happens before the witch in Sunny gets into action on that dreaded full moon night. Yes, they have painful references to evil powers on full moon nights and what not dated shit. At one point, Sunny reincarnates herself into another Sunny to make out with a guy. At another point, she has to kiss another girl to provide more sensationalism to the falling plotline. Added to that is the most distasteful love track of the season, where Sunny also falls in love with the writer of the film, for him to save her ass in the end.  And then we have Parvin Dabbas, as the film director, in the most shameful and loud role of his film career, followed closely by Sandhya Mridul, who is seen doing a cheap Rakhi Sawant ripoff. With an array of irritating characters, the film is excruciatingly hard to handle and the exit door is probably your best friend.

Produced and marketed by Balaji as a sex horror flick, Ragini MMS 2 has no horror and half a teaspoon of titillation in place of sex. The production design, cinematography or editing of the film is despicable. The music is a saving grace with the two hit numbers which are pulling in the crowds, along with Sunny Leone herself. Director Bhushan Patel has no idea or sense of the film, saddled with an idiotic script. Most of the dialogues are so bad that they are already becoming the talk of the town.  We cannot even talk about the performances in this one. Sunny Leone cannot act and we have already asserted that. Parvin Dabbas does not even get a bed scene with Leone that would justify him signing this film. Sandhya Mridul is clearly out of work. Divya Dutta must have been drugged before she signed on. I don’t even know the names of the other actors to mention anything about them.

Ragini MMS 2 is the kind of film that makes Vikram Bhatt feel that he may have made better films in his life. Yet, the film had a stupendous weekend of 24 Crores and people are still going to watch it in theaters. We are a blatantly tharki nation and we might as well accept that crap sells, but believe me, there are much better porn videos of Sunny Leone out there available for free rather than spending on a ticket for Ragini MMS2

Rating – 0.5/5

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