Monday, April 7, 2014

Main Tera Hero Movie Review : Entertaining, but stupid

David Dhawan's Main Tera Hero is out and believe it or not, people will flock to the theaters to watch it. It is the perfect weekend getaway for a superficial Indian audience that pretty much cares only about good songs, good looking men and women, some action and a lot of romance. Yes, Main Tera Hero is the Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani of this year. Masala without substance. And incidentally enough, it has Evelyn Sharma as well, yes the doe-eyed eye candy who became popular with YJHD. 

Main Tera Hero boasts of a waferthin plot, where Seenu (Varun Dhawan) who is an infamous 'boy' in the small town of Ooty sets out to get a degree in a college in Bangalore and meets Sunaina (Ileana D'Cruz) who is engaged to a brawny brute cop Angad (Arunoday Singh). Even when he manages to overcome Angad, his love story is jacked by Ayesha (Nargis Fakhri) who falls in love with him. The two halves of MTH are separate like chalk and cheese and the film is a combination of the two stories which never give a wholesome feeling. Our hero talks, walks and behaves like a hero but definitely has no goal in his life apart from getting married to the love of his life. He goes to Bangalore to get a college degree but leaves for Bangkok the moment papa David decided to have an international location in the movie. He also drives his bike casually on an airport runway. Writers Tushar Hiranandani and Milap Zaveri weave MTH with a dozen such other faux pas but then this is not the film where one should look for logic. So here, I remove my logic hat and try to enjoy this campy entertainer that would make every critic cringe in his seat and throw that popcorn on the screen, along with some tomatoes, if available.

Now if you are not thinking and just having fun, David Dhawan is an auteur in giving you a fun ride all through. In Main Tera Hero, he weaves up interesting gags that provide a few laughs, but largely, the sharp editing and quick pace keep you largely entertained. You may gasp at plot points but Dhawan makes sure that you never lose interest, largely aided by his son, who steps into the shoes of a David Dhawan hero with an unusual ease. MTH rides on Varun's abilities to pull of slapstick humor while playing the adorable lover boy who the girls drool for. As for the boys, Ileana and Nargis should do the trick. Yet again, David Dhawan seems to be losing steam as he tries to stir up his old charm, albeit with barely any innovation. Tushar and Milap's dialogues do induce a light chuckle but also come out as cheesily moronic, instead of smart, a lot of other times. But if you are cool with physical and loud slapstick comedy, MTH does provide decent entertainment, which is what will work for the general audience out there. 

Balaji Telefilms have made Main Tera Hero with the intention of making big buck and have sold it like that. Spamming the media with publicity, Sajid-Wajid's chartbuster songs and the shiny glamour has all worked to create the buzz around the film. Sanjay F Gupta's cinematography is campy and glossy, aiding the similar Production Design by Sukant Panigrahy. Caution, as some colors may just hurt your cornea, if you are not used to David Dhawan films. Main Tera Hero is a film riding on Varun Dhawan's shoulders, who is only one film old. And Varun does well to charm the ladies and provide the required laughter bursts. Rajpal Yadav closes up to Varun's performance by making a worthwhile comeback on the screen, although his lines are mostly lame. Arunoday Singh, the one who could not act ever, has managed to respectably pull of slapstick in this one. Ileana D'Cruz and Nargis Fakhri do not have much to do except for playing glam dolls and they are bloody good at it. Manoj Pahwa is good as usual, while Saurabh Shukla, although immensely talented, is under-utilized. Anupam Kher again does not know what he is doing in a film. Evelyn Sharma is just gorgeous, she does not need to act.

I think I have summed it up earlier as well, but I would say it again, Main Tera Hero is a very massy film, but it is also a film limited to the first weekend and a couple of days more. So it must reap the most out of the dozens of shows running for it all around the country. It entertains, engages in parts and infuses enough cheese in you for it to last many months. Go watch Main Tera Hero for a lovable lead performance, but it does not have much more to offer.

Rating - 2/5

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