Friday, April 4, 2014

O Teri Movie Review : Good choice of subjects dont always lead to good films

O Teri is a film where credit roll begins with 'Salman Khan Presents'. Clearly, the signal was out loud and vivid, and I should have taken caution. But the self-proclaimed cinema lover that I am, I sat through the enlightening 107 minutes of the film. Bad songs, bad promos but a likable male lead, Pulkit Samrat, is probably the reason I went for O Teri, apart from a duty to watch every film that releases.

First time director Umesh Bist has co-written the script of O Teri with a popular stand up artist Neeti Palta. Not questioning the talents of either of them in their respective fields, but O Teri is a fine example of why writing a feature film screenplay is one of the hardest things to do. O Teri has the right intentions as a film, to become an entertaining expose of the deep roots of political corruption in India citing references and adaptations of popular incidents which have been in news in past few years. But alas, the plot is the one of generous conveniences. A dead body is used to create a situation multiple times and it disappears as well whenever its not needed. Towards the second half, there are multiple CD disks which contain different content that add to the confusion. My genuine issue with the film is that there are too many leap of faiths and contrived co-incidents which leave out glaring loopholes in an average screenplay to shatter it into pieces. Add to that a heavy dosage of bad acting, Samaritan speeches and a barrage of songs, none of which you like. O what a mess! 

Producers Atul and Alvira Agnihotri have made this film to serve as a launch/employment scheme for a lot of Sallu loyalists. They launch Bilal Amrohi (Kamal Amrohi's son) as the lead while Samrat is a known face at Galaxy Apartments, Bandra as well. A bunch of foreign women get to feature in small cameos or in songs, each of which must be Bhai's muses. For a film with multiple songs, that spring up upon a wink, Gj Singh's score is barely average. No other technical department stands out as well. O Teri does stir up some laughable moments, all thanks to the impeccable Vijay Raaz who tries to make the best of an underwritten part. Pulkit Samrat does reasonably well but he appears to be out of place next to the unintentionally hilarious Bilal Amrohi, who will never become an actor even if Salman Khan pimps him for the rest of his life. Sarah Jane Dias is a bad actress, and we find that out once again. Mandira Bedi is wasted, and Anupam Kher does not know what he is doing in this film. Murli Sharma is as ridiculous as ever.

On the whole, O Teri could be a torture even with its short runtime, because the gags are far and few. What you get instead is director Umesh Bist trying to act smart by creating small suspense moments which dont really lead to anything as the script buttresses on a bunch of situations forced in. The theater I went to had less than 5% occupancy, and you can skip it as well. 

Rating - 1/5

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